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The Scierie Esbelin, certified and controlled eco-friendly manufacture

Both in France and abroad, there is a marked upwards trend in consumer expectations regarding eco-friendly products.
Timber, a natural, renewable and recyclable resource, with exceptional mechanical strength relative to weight, fire-resistant, and with outstanding acoustic and thermal performance, is highly popular with the construction sector.
However, this timber has to be sourced at sustainably managed forests, the logs processed using forest-friendly techniques and the sawn timber produced via an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.
To meet all these requirements, the Scierie Esbelin is certified to PEFC, thus guaranteeing that its procurements approach prioritises timber from sustainably managed forests.
In accordance with French regulations, the sawmill's manufacturing processes comply with all the environmental protection requirements binding upon sawmills, a compliance certified by the company having been granted an Administrative Operating Permit for an ICPE - Installation Classée pour la Protection de l’Environnement (facility listed under environment protection regulations).
The PEFC certification and the ICPE operating permit are both subject to regular controls by independent external bodies or by government departments.

As part of its commitment to a professional collective approach, the Scierie Esbelin is a member of the France Douglas and FrenchTimber associations that promote French timber.

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