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CE marking, Timber grading, labelling and packing

All our sawn timber has CE marking

Sawn timber heat treated according to NIMP 15, a standard that governs regulations on wood-based packaging materials, are marked.

Our sawn timber is graded according to structural visual grading standard NF B 001 of December 1998 relating to the visual grading of sawn timber for structural usage and to sawn softwood timber appearance standard NF B 1611-1 of October 1999 applicable to French softwood timber used for exposed wood.

All our PEFC sawn timber packets are identified PEFC on the product label and invoice.

Our sawn timber, stored on wooden strips, is packaged in packs, square-cut and banded.

A label is affixed to each packet listing all the sawn timber characteristics.

The number of planks in each packet, which depends on their dimensions, is stated in the table of our standard in-stock sections.


Large stocks for speedy deliveries

We hold a large permanent stock of sawn timber in every standard dimension.

This permanent stock means we are able to guarantee short delivery times to our customers.

The sawmill has installed a "pre-stocking" system for the dimensions used by its regular customers to enable very short delivery times for urgent orders

This permanent stock allows us to deliver orders to very tight deadlines, even those that have to take account a mixed selection of species, dimensions and use requirements. 

In addition to standard dimensions, the Scierie Esbelin provides its customers with special cuts (to specifications) to order, particularly for large sections and extra-long lengths.

National and international trade

The sawmill's location, right in the heart of France, on a motorway hub that provides easy access to every French region and, in particular, to the Mediterranean ports, is an undeniable asset for delivering throughout France and abroad.

Depending on the year, 25 to 35% of Scierie Esbelin's turnover is made with exports (2/3 in Europe and 1/3 to non-EU countries).


Through its longstanding experience in international business transactions (Europe, countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and Asia) the company has built up an extensive knowledge base on the

  • normative requirements and timber choices specific to a given country,
  • regulatory requirements inherent to international transactions,
  • international practices for carriage by road, rail and sea.
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