PEFC-certified sawmill   A sawmill committed to a sustainable forest management approach.

: The Scierie Esbelin, PEFC-certified for sustainable forest management.

The Scierie Esbelin, a company certified to PEFC since 2007

The Scierie Esbelin has been PEFC-certified since 2007, and re-certified on a regular basis since then.

Its number for the right to use the mark is PEFC/10-31-1135..

This certification is proof of the company's commitment to purchasing timber from sustainably managed forests and, using an appropriate control chain, making sure that all the actors involved in processing the logs, i.e.

  • forestry operators,
  • forestry contractors,
  • carriers,

comply with PEFC certification requirements.

PEFC certification allows the Scierie Esbelin to deliver sets of PEFC-certified sawn softwood timber to its customers.

The Scierie Esbelin, procurement of softwood timber sourced at sustainably managed forests.

The Scierie Esbelin, for sustainable forest management and eco-friendly forestry operations.

Coming from a family that has worked in the forestry sector for three generations, the notion of sustainable forest management is self-evident to the company's CEO.

The sawmill sources its timber at softwood forest stands mainly within the department or from neighbouring departments: the quality of the timber and the sustainability of regional forests are of key importance to the company's business and future success.

The Scierie Esbelin sources the timber required for its sawn timber manufacture mainly from PEFC-certified forests.

It boasts an annual supply of 15 000m3 of PEFC-certified softwood logs, a quantity that has seen a year-on-year increase since the company's certification in 2007.

Forestry works are entrusted solely to professional forestry operators who fully comply with PEFC management rules during logging and other forestry tasks.

The Scierie Esbelin, marketing of PEFC-certified sawn softwoods

The Scierie Esbelin, meeting market expectations for wood products requiring certified sawn timber

A strict control chain, regularly inspected by an independent, external body,  Bureau Veritas Certification France, continuously checks compliance with PEFC requirements throughout the entire process of transforming softwood logs into sawn timber.

All the actors involved in the manufacturing process i.e. forestry operators and forestry contractors must be members of the PEFC approach and comply fully with its rules.

All these provisions enable a traceability that guarantees that the sold timber has been sourced at eco-friendly, sustainable forestry resources.

 Every year, the Scierie Esbelin produces over 12,000 m3 of PEFC-certified sawn timber.

The proportion of sawn timber sold under the PEFC label has increased regularly with each passing year since the company's certification.

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