Scierie Esbelin  A family-run industrial sawmill Clermont-ferrand

Scierie Esbelin, a softwoods sawmill, in the heart of Auvergne

Slow-growing, high-altitude trees for outstanding mechanical performance

The Scierie Esbelin is an industrial sawmill, located in Cournon d’Auvergne close to Clermont-Ferrand, in the heart of the Massif Central.

Its geographical location gives its two key advantages:

  • A ready supply of high-altitude timber from the Massif Central, the leading area of softwood forests in France.
  • Direct access to a major motorway network with convenient links to all ports, for delivery throughout France, Europe, countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and further afield. 

The company is registered in the Clermont-Ferrand Companies and Trade Register under number 352 773 758.

A French Société par Actions Simplifiée S.A.S (simplified joint-stock company), the company has been run by Philippe Esbelin since 1989.

The Scierie Esbelin, a sawmill that is both traditional and contemporary

The Scierie Esbelin, over a century's worth of experience in the Auvergne timber and forestry sector.

In-depth knowledge of the forests in the Massif Central, softwood species, sawing techniques and woodworking has been a core feature of the family traditions for over a hundred years now.

  • Beginning of the 20th century, the grandfather of the current owner establishes a forestry activity.
  • 1939, his son Marcel creates the first company, registered in the family name.
  • 1951, Marcel creates a new timber sawmill business, with the former company now being managed by his brother, François Esbelin.
  • 1969, Philippe Esbelin joins the company to work with his father and gradually takes over the running of the business.
  • 1973/1975, the company moves to its current location, changes its company statutes and launches a major investment drive.

Today, with an annual sawn timber production capacity of 25,000 m3, the Scierie Esbelin is one of the largest sawn softwoods mills in the Auvergne. Its high-performance facilities for treating, drying and planing timber  mean the company can offer its customers high-quality sawn timber in a wide range of sizes thus meeting the expectations of dealers in timber products or materials, as well as companies working in the timber-construction, joinery, packaging and crating sectors.

The Scierie Esbelin, a story of People and machinery

Skilled staff and high-performance machinery work together to produce top-quality sawn timber

Log yard, bark-stripping machine, headrig, resaws, edging machine, panel sorter, panel stacker, etc.…..the company boasts the whole range of automated and computerized standard sawmill machinery and equipment. Chosen both for their robustness and their manufacturing and finishing qualities, expertly operated by a team of experienced sawmill workers, maintained with the greatest care and attention, these machines and equipment form the basis of the company's sustained, high-quality production.

In addition to this manufacturing equipment, the company has installed insecticide and fungicide wood treatment facilities, as well as a vacuum drying tunnel.

The sawmill's equipment base is completed by high-performance planing and profiling machinery.

Philippe Esbelin directs a workforce of 27 employees, most of whom have been with the company for many years.

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