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Scierie Esbelin, a softwood sawmill dealing in fir, spruce, Scots pine and Douglas fir.

The bulk of the Scierie Esbelin's operations consist in the production of sawn timber from spruce, Scots pine and Douglas fir logs.

The sawn softwoods produced by the Scierie Esbelin, sourced exclusively from mature forest stands and high-altitude forests in the Massif Central, run along non-intensive sylvicultural lines - thus guaranteeing duraminised wood characterised by slow growth and high mechanical strength - concentrate all the features of strength and attractiveness inherent to these species.

Fir, spruce, and Douglas fir are used mainly in the construction sector, which requires timber with high, controllable mechanical strength (Strength class C24).

Based on a strict appearance classification, these species are also used in situations that require exceptional surface appearance qualities i.e. for joinery and fittings (Appearance choice 2).

For exposed wood and structural wood uses, the timber cuts can be sorted to select pieces with high mechanical strength (class C 24) and exceptional appearance (Appearance choice 2).

Scots pine cuts (blocks and studs) with exceptional appearance quality are proposed for joinery applications.

The timber grades supplied by the company and its sawing facilities are designed to accommodate "heavy timber": the sawing of long lengths and large sections is therefore part of the Scierie Esbelin's standard production output.

Equipped with a planing unit and a vacuum dryer, the Scierie Esbelin can deliver timber pieces with perfect finish quality, including for timber pieces with a large cross-section; for all uses in traditional frameworks in particular.

Lastly, these woody species make up the majority of the timber used to make packaging and crates.


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