Packing-crating timber  Softwood sawn timber for packing and crating

Packing-crating timber

The Scierie Esbelin, a wide range of competitively priced sizes

The Scierie Esbelin proposes sawn timber in Scots pine, fir, spruce and Douglas fir ideal for producing a whole range of wood crates and packing materials.

The sawn timber can be treated on request by immersion in anti-blue stain and treated NIMP 15 i.e. passed through the sawmill's vacuum drying tunnel.

Take a look at our phytosanitary certificate of conformity covering packaging intended for export FR – AU 00327

The Scierie Esbelin can deliver all the standard sizes and dimensions used to produce crates, packaging and pallets; it can also supplement your orders with large-dimension wood pieces for special-manufacture items.

Sawn woods for packaging materials correspond to appearance option 3*.

See our standard in-stock cross-sections and packing


* Note that timber choice characteristics relating to usage may differ between countries. For exported timber, please contact us

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